The 2016 iPhone 7 and 7 plus are known for losing the headphone jack but they’re also both very solid phones and have aged really well feeling fast even on the latest version of iOS 13 hey how’s it going

Today we’re taking a iPhone 7 and 7 plus how did they hold up in 2020 and are they still worth buying

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus were made to be kind of in between devices as Apple prepared for the next year’s iPhone 12 but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring anything to the table

Water resistance capacitive

Fast your home button a second

Telephoto camera

in the seven plus the iPhone 7 was a decent-sized upgrade to the

success albeit not a huge one but you’re probably not interested in that so much as whether or not the seven is still worth picking up so

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let’s start with that in 2020 the iPhone 7 definitely

feels older that home button setup does feel a bit antiquated next to the newest iPhone but to be fair I know a lot of people actually prefer it so it’s really just a matter of preference actually using the iPhone 7 doesn’t feel too old as it is on the latest version of iOS 13

and should continue to get updates at least until the September of 2021 although personally I would guess it’ll get until 2022 if not further just based on some of apples patterns in the past when it comes to iPhone updates the

iPhone 7 is no longer being sold by Apple so you’ll probably have to turn to the used or refurbished market you might find them from some carriers although they might be over pricing them so watch out for that but on they only cost a hundred and fifty dollars u.s. so yeah that’s kind of a great deal there’s a certain point where no matter how much better the newest iPhone is it doesn’t really matter because of the value

proposition for the iPhone 7 is just so good the iPhone 7 isn’t perfect and that namely comes down to battery life the 7 plus battery is a lot better because it’s bigger but the smaller 7 does often have issues so that’s something.

even if your 7 has a perfectly healthy battery it’s not gonna be great so make sure you have a charger nearby that’s definitely the biggest benefit of getting the 7 plus

although there are a couple more first is that second camera lens which allows for portrait mode photos and then there’s also an extra gigabyte of RAM and of course the phone is bigger

I suppose that’s a benefit at the end of the day I’d recommend going for the phone that feels better in the hand over features because yeah the 7 plus is better but it’s also more money so for me it really comes down to just what feels more comfortable but yeah there’s the answer right out of the gate

the iPhone 7 is worth buying used to refurbished $150 is a really good price

point but now let’s take a step back and talk about the design the iPhone 7 was the last all aluminum iPhone and it came in a lot of different colors gold rose gold silver matte black jet black and a special edition red color

the jet black is actually a super unique color in that it has a different kind of glossy finish it doesn’t feel like aluminum and while it scratches really easily I really like it it is very unique I also really

love the matte black I have here I honestly think the iPhone 7 is one of the best years when it comes to colors for iPhones particularly with the blacks they just look really good on

the front of the phone we have either a 4.7 or 5.5 inch display depending on whether you get the smaller 7 or the plus both screens look pretty good and while the pixel density is slightly better on the plus you probably won’t notice the difference under

the screen we have the capacitive home button

it’s a bit different in that it doesn’t actually physically click but instead mimics a click by vibrating that might sound weird but you’ll get used to it and it’s better because it’s actually faster than a physical button

it also has touch ID which is blazing fast and still a great way to get into your iPhone

on the bottom of the phone we have the Lightning port and no headphone jack I’m mentioning this because it’s the first iPhone without a headphone jack so

that’s something to keep in mind with the 7 the feel of this phone is good it’s a pretty nice balance of being light and thin as newer iPhones have gone thicker heavier and more fragile as they’ve moved to glass backs this is probably

the last iPhone I’d be willing to use without a case although you probably still want a case just in case you’re welcome let’s talk about the cameras we have the 12 megapixel rear sensor on the back here and on the 7 plus we have a second 12 megapixel telephoto lens the second lens allows for 2 times zoom as well as Porsche Road photos that blur the background behind the subject overall from these photos you can see that in the right conditions the iPhone 7 is fine

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it takes all right photos not nearly as good as the iPhone 11 but considering that $150 price tag it’s pretty tough to complain per video we can shoot in 4k up to 30 frames per second and video does look pretty decent definitely good enough for most people’s standards

the selfie camera is an improvement over the iPhone 6s with 7 megapixels this is a fine selfie I suppose could be better but also could be worse the camera on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus are by no means spectacular but they don’t have to be when you’re paying so relatively little for such a functional pretty good smartphone you don’t have a lot of room to complain and so I’d say the

iPhone 7 is more than satisfactory in this department but let’s go over the most interesting subject ever created tech specs we have apples 810 chipset and either 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM depending on whether or not you get the smaller seven or the seven plus while the plus does have more RAM performance between the two really shouldn’t feel much different so I wouldn’t worry about that the phone performs really well considering the age and honestly can do almost anything the iPhone 11 can do at least on a software level

I was 13 feels good here and the benefit of going with an iPhone is at least another couple years of support honestly I don’t think I could recommend and not going for the iPhone 7 if it’s right at your price range because it really is a great phone with few downsides considering the value battery life is an aspect that again can be rough in the smaller 7 but if you can live with that or get the 7 plus

you should be fine obviously you’re gonna have a better experience buying the iPhone 10 R or 11 especially with battery life but what you get here for around one hundred and fifty dollars is pretty darn great should you buy the iPhone 7 it completely depends on your situation and

general price range and whether or not you think this is the phone for you that being said is the iPhone 7 worth buying absolutely it might not be

the best phone it may not have the best specs it’s not blazing fast anymore it doesn’t have the greatest camera but it’s at a really good price for what you get so the value is there and

with that I think I’m pretty much done here do you have an iPhone 7 are you thinking about getting one let me know in the comments down below.