mavic 2 pro vs. phantom 4 pro in-depth comparison review

Mavic 2 pro vs  phantom 4 pro : what’s up guys today we’re gonna be comparing the all-new Mavic 2 pro to my current drone the phantom 4 pro to help you decide which series you should invest in and the reason we’re comparing

my mavic to the Phantom instead of the mavic to the other mavic series is because this pneumatic tube Pro would be all the other mavic in pretty much every category so it’s not much of a comparison and the reason I bought the Mavic 2 Pro over the mavic zoom is because it has the much larger sensor size and overall better image quality now quick note DJI does not pay me to make any of these comparisons I purchased both of these drones with my own money so there’s no bias just giving you my honest thoughts but let’s go ahead and dive right into the comparison

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Price Comparison.

First off is the price like I mentioned these are pretty close and price the mavic is slightly less expensive than the Phantom but I have the phantom that comes with the built-in screen which makes it about 300 dollars more expensive so Mavic wins on price next up

Weight & Size Comparison.

weight and size the nav equation at 2 pounds on the phantom at 3 pounds they both have about the same footprint but the mavic is about 2 times shorter so Mavic winds up being more portable as it can be folded up and fit in a smaller bag than the Phantom 4 which makes it much more travel friendly and speaking of travel friendly which one has a faster

Setup Time Comparison.

set-up time I actually tested out both from taking them out of the bag and getting them up into the air flying and the Mavic 2 pro took 1 minute and 13 seconds and the Phantom 4 pro took 1 minute and 10 seconds now this was subject to my speed so I’m not going to declare a winner because I didn’t feel like either was quicker than the other both are very quick to get set up.

Focal length Comparison.

difference in focal length the Phantom has a focal length of 24 millimeter whereas the Mavic is slightly tighter at 28 millimeter so they’re just different plus the medic also has a setting called 4k HQ which gives you an even tighter focal length around 40 millimeter so no winner necessarily just differences in focal lengths.

Flight time Comparison.

let’s now talk about performance flight time the phantom gives you 30 minutes per battery and the Mavic gives you 31 minutes per battery so a slight win.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Top Speed Comparison.

top speed they both claim to go 45 miles per hour so no advantage

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Range Comparison.

their distance range the Mavic has a slight advantage here claiming 8 kilometers control range whereas the Phantom claims only 7 kilometers.

Mavic 2 pro vs. Phantom 4 pro Obstacle Avoidance Comparison.

obstacle avoidance after testing both drones out they both seemed to do a great job of avoiding obstacles however the Mavic 2 Pro seemed to have a little bit better and newer tech I could catch the Phantom with my hand but the Mavic wouldn’t allow me to because it was sensing my arm so I’d give a slight advantage to the maverick but they both do a great job keep in mind though I have crashed my Phantom 4 pro into several trees on several occasions so don’t depend on these sensors because they aren’t perfect.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Wind Resistance Comparison.

they’re both rated at 23 miles per hour wind resistance so as far as being able to function in the wind they both do a great job but because the Mavic is a little bit lighter it does get thrown around a little bit more in the wind especially while doing slow-moving shots like a hyperlapse so I have to give a slight advantage to the Phantom but again not much

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Tracking Comparison.

tracking features the Mavic 2 pro has the new active track 2.0 versus version 1 on the phantom so it has improved its tracking ability and I’ve actually never tried the tracking features and tell this comparison but I was super impressed with the active track 2.0 as it kept me perfectly in the center of the frame and did a 360 around me while I just held down the joystick to the side the mattock also has three different modes trace mode profile mode and spotlight mode spotlight being my favorite as I can keep the subject in the center of the frame while moving the drone freely which allows for some awesome parallax movements so Mavic wins here with the newer active track system.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro 120 FPS Comparison.

120 frame per second quality usable after trying both of them out I would say that neither are very good I wouldn’t recommend shooting at 1080p on either of these drones it’s just really soft so unless you absolutely need that 120 frames per second I’d recommend sticking to 4k.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Easy to use Comparison.

ease to use and learning curve they both seemed about the same as far as taking it out of the box and figuring out how to get it up in the air playing they are both going to take a lot of practice to get smooth buttery shots and to learn how to control some movements but that having been said they are both very beginner friendly and anyone could pick it up and operate one decently within a short period of time I will give them advocacy Vantage here though because it does have those better tracking abilities which are great features for beginners to use if they don’t feel comfortable yet getting precise shots with manual controls.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro controller Comparison.

controller functionality have to give this one to the Phantom because I like having the built-in screen better than having to use my phone with the Maverick 2 controller I just think it’s a hassle plus it drains your phone battery super fast when we started shooting this test footage of the two drones I had about 60% battery left on my iPhone and after about three hours of shooting it was dead so that was a big inconvenience to me next.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Build Quality Comparison.

build quality and durability overall the phantom feels stronger and less like a toy like I’ve mentioned I’ve crashed my phantom for a few times and he’s still going strong I’m not gonna crash the Mavic to test it but I’m sure it would also hold up to some normal wear and tear so they’re both very well-built the Phantom just feels a little more rugged as it should be since it is a pound heavier.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Noise Levels Comparison.

noise levels I tested out the decibel levels of both drones standing just a few feet away and the mavet clocked in around 70 DB and the Phantom 4 pro about 80 DB but my phantom 4 Pro is in the 2.0 version which claims to be 4 decibels quieter than mine however the Mavic is still pretty loud neither of them are discreet by any means and will definitely make a scene wherever you fly your drone so don’t be fool thinking that it’s super quiet it’s just a little quieter.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Internal Storage Comparison.

internal storage the Mavic comes with 8 gigabytes of internal storage which is awesome for those moments when you forget to take your SD card out of your computer which I have done on many occasions whereas the Phantom 4 has no internal storage so the mavic wins there.

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro hyperlapse  Comparison.

hyper lapse features this is another thing that the phantom 4 pro does not have that is new in the Mavic that I actually think is pretty cool and I could see myself using a lot however I did notice that unless there’s no wind it is Shaker than I thought it would be so I don’t think you could use this feature unless you had ideal weather conditions so just be aware of that.

let’s now compare what I think is the most important test and that is overall video image quality

Mavic 2 pro vs Phantom 4 pro Resolution/FPS  Comparison.

first up is resolution and frame rate they both shoot a 4k but the Mavic only does 4k up to 30 frames per second whereas the Phantom can do 4k up to 60 frames per second so the Phantom is a clear winner here I wouldn’t say this is a deal-breaker though unless you shoot a lot of slow-mo because I find that when I shoot at 60 frames I usually end up speeding it back up in post anyway because drone shots already look pretty slow.

Mavic 2 pro vs. Phantom 4 pro Color Depth Comparison.

color depth mavic sports 10-bit color versus 8-bit color on the Phantom so Mavic wins here giving you a lot more color information to work with and this really makes a difference when shooting in D log I’ve never used the d log on my phantom for pro because when you apply a heavy color grade to the image it would just fall apart giving you lots of noise and artifacting but as you can see here the Mavic holds up much better to the same heavy color grades and reproduces overall better colors so the Mavic wins here having much better color grade ability in D log plus it has a new HDR profile that the Phantom doesn’t have.

In-Camera Color Comparison.

which one has better straight out of camera colors for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time color grading they just want great color straight out of camera when you shoot in the normal color mode on each I’d have to say that I do like the Phantom for pro colors a little bit better the color seemed a little bit richer overall and the Mavic Hasselblad sensor seemed to give an overall warmer tone I had both of these cameras set manually to 5600 Kelvin which should make your whites look white in daylight yet the Maddock was looking a little warm so just be aware you’ll have to bring your temperature down a little more on the Mavic so personally I think the colors look a little more accurate on the Phantom in normal color mode but that’s more of an opinion to me they both have great straight out of camera colors.

Low-Light Comparison.

low-light performance I pushed both drones to 1600 ISO and the Phantom 4 Pro shows slightly less noise than the Mavic the Phantom can actually go all the way up to 6400 ISO whereas the nav excite a 1600 ISO however as you can see here when the Phantom is at 6400 ISO it’s really not usable so 1600 is about as far as I go so overall image quality which one is better they’re just different each have advantages over the other just depends on which features are most important to you I’m sure you’ll be happy with either one both great images.

ok now for my final thoughts which drone overall is better according to the scoreboard based off of your questions the Mavic wins in more categories than the Phantom but which one would I personally buy if I didn’t own either I’d have to say overall the Mavic 2 pro is the better choice it’s slightly cheaper it’s smaller it’s quieter it’s got that 10-bit color for better great ability and it’s just newer text so it’s got some great new features now what if you already own one of the other Mavic like the Mavic pro or Mavic air is it worth upgrading to the Mavic 2 Pro if you’re looking for  more professional image quality I’d say absolutely yes the difference of this one inch sensor and the Tempah color makes is enough on its own to upgrade in my opinion but what if you already own the Phantom 4 Pro is that worth side grading to the Maverick 2 Pro I don’t think so on this one I don’t think there’s enough difference between these two as far as image quality goes and features for me to encourage somebody to buy a whole new drone unless you just absolutely need the 10 bit color or the better portability otherwise phantom 4 Pro owners I’d say just wait for the Phantom 5 to come out I’m sure it’s gonna be a big upgrade over both of these.

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