None of parents in the world would let anyone to harm their children. However, over the years parents are desperately buying technological computer laptop and desktop devices running with multiple operating systems. They love to provide PCs and mac to kids and teens and further provide them internet connection on the name of entertainment. Later on they start getting details that they are spending all day long on the computer screen. Furthermore, things become terrible when they start engaging with the strangers and as well as with the cyber predators. It means that, laptop and desktop devices are vulnerable to kid’s safety especially on the web.

What are online predators? 

They are the ones who were in real –life and harm young kids and teens such as child abusers, bullies and sexual predators. Since we have got the internet technology all of the predators have been migrated to the web. Therefore, kids and teens obsessed with digital devices and internet are more likely to get trapped by the online predators. So, parents should protect their children from cyber predators by using TOS.

Install Computer monitoring app on kid’s PCs

Do you want to safeguard your children from stalkers, online bullies, and from sexual predators then you need to get your hands on TOS computer monitoring app. You need to use your device browser and connect it with the internet. 

Step1: Subscribe for Computer tracking app

First and foremost, you need to use your computer device browser and connect it with the cyberspace. Now make search for best PC surveillance app and visit its official webpage. Once you are on the page then get the license. 

Step2: Get Physical access on target device

Now you must have physical access on the target device and start the process of installation. After you have ended up with the installation successfully, then you activate it on the target desktop device running with windows mac OS. 

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to electronic web portal 

Get the credentials in terms of password and ID and use it to activate your personal online dashboard account. Furthermore, you can visit plenty of tools for both windows and mac computers separately. Let’s get to know about the features for windows and mac. 

Windows Monitoring features 

Screen recording 

User can go to the web portal and tap on the live screen recorder software tool. It enable user to record short time videos of window laptop screen and share these videos to your web portal. You can easily watch videos via dashboard and get to know whether kids are talking or sharing media to stranger or not. 

Websites blocking 

Parents can protect children from all the particular social websites and apps present predators. You can block particular website on target device and no one will get the access to the blocked content. 

View installed applications 

It happens when teens try to find out someone online using online dating applications. Now you can remotely and secretly see all the installed applications on windows PC to the fullest. 


Remotely capture screenshots of target computer device activities happening on the screen in-real time with windows monitoring software 

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MAC Monitoring app features 

Camera Bug 

User can remotely bug the target mac device camera and get to know who is up to the device.

MIC Bug 

You can remotely have a control over target device MIC and further you can record and listen to the surround conversations and Voices. 

Screen recording 

Make multiple screens recording in terms of series of videos of mac device screen and share all the videos to the dashboard. 


User can easily and remotely captures and recorded keystrokes applied on the web portal. User can get their hands password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, messages and emails keystrokes applied on the target device. 


All of the above mentioned two different operating systems and different features of TOS computer monitoring –it empowers parents to protect children from stalkers, child abusers, and sexual predators talking or approaching your child online using computer devices. Gone are the days when parents have to remain helpless, but now they more than enough to deal with the online predators.